How to Make a Referral to Good Friends Charlotte


Human or social services professionals responsible for coordinating assistance for clients may submit referrals to the Distribution Coordinator using the information below. Please review the Good Friends Charlotte Referral Guidelines and Procedures before making a referral.

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Good Friends Referral Guidelines & Procedures

1. A social worker or case manager (at DSS or another agency) becomes aware of a client’s emergency need and makes a referral to Good Friends Charlotte. Clients are NOT allowed to make a referral for themselves. (Client is defined as the person or family in need.)

2. Social worker or case manager may:

a) Call the Good Friends Charlotte Distribution Coordinator at 704-890-8930 to discuss the client’s situation before completing the referral form, or;
b) Complete the Good Friends Charlotte referral form, following procedures and email the information to the GFC Distribution Coordinator.


The social worker/case manager must contact the vendor directly to determine the total amount owed or the cost of an item that is needed. Two price quotes are needed from reputable vendors. (Ex. Reconditioned appliance) The Good Friends Charlotte Distribution Coordinator may have suggestions for vendors.


  • Good Friends Referrals must be screened, verified and provided by a social worker or case manager who has been working with the family on a long-term basis, or has had an interview by an intake social worker or case manager who will submit the referral. The family needs to be approved for the services being provided by that agency. Workers may not refer friends or family members to Good Friends Charlotte.
  • In situations involving rent or utilities, the client must access all funds at CRISIS ASSISTANCE MINISTRY (704-371-3001) FIRST before asking their social worker or case manager to refer them to Good Friends Charlotte.

3. When the referral form is received in the Good Friends Charlotte Distribution Office, the Distribution Coordinator will review the form to ensure that all information is complete and meets requirements.

 Note: Save the referral form to your computer before filling it out. Filling it out before saving the document will erase all fields.

 Factors to consider are:

a) Income. We use 200% of Federal Poverty Table as a guideline.
b) Situation (as described on the Good Friends Charlotte referral form).
c) The policy is to assist eligible clients once per 18 months.
d) Will the funds provided resolve the client’s crisis situation? In other words, has the client (or other agency) paid the remainder of the balance needed to resolve the problem? The social worker making the referral must verify with the vendor that the consumer has paid their portion and verify if other agencies have committed funds to the consumer.

4. After considering the above issues, the referral is approved or denied by the Distribution Coordinator.

5. Once a decision has been made, the Distribution Coordinator will notify the social worker/case manager, who must ensure that the consumer is notified. The social worker/case manager is also responsible for notifying the vendor of our verbal commitment to assist.* Landlords and utility companies often need to be notified of our commitment before the check is processed to avoid eviction or cutoff. (*Utility commitments will be made by the Distribution Coordinator.)

6. Good Friends Charlotte approvals are processed and the check is mailed to the vendor.