Here are a few examples of people that have been served in our community with small but meaningful gifts from Good Friends.

photo of Kahina Hood 20161. Here is Kahina, our scholar with her new glasses. She is so happy to be able to see the world clearly. Thank you for making it possible!

2. Dear Good Friends,

I called Paula this evening and she told me about her new washer. She said that it is fantastic and works great. She wanted me to tell you how thankful she is for the washer. You made it happen and being able to help someone like Paula is truly heartwarming to all of us.

I so appreciate you, Good Friends.

Jane, DSS Social Worker

3. Janet is homeless and currently living at the Salvation Army’s Center of Hope. She must save 70% of her income to meet shelter requirements for housing. She was in desperate need of a nebulizer and inhaler. We were pleased to be able to purchase these items for her at a cost of $72.91.