The stories seem even more tender these days. Here are a few ways we are helping the Charlotte community.

1. Ms. K was out of work due to a mini stroke and a recent diagnosis of MS. She was hospitalized twice, which led her to be out of work for three months. She would have been padlocked today at 9:30 am without the assistance of Good Friends. We paid the $300 to help her catch up on rent. Referral DSS- Just 1 Call.

2. Mr. P is working but unable to keep up with water payments. He had a leak that caused him to have an unusually high bill. His service was disconnected. Can you imagine living without water? Impossible. Client was assisted by Crisis Assistance, Good Fellows, Good Friends ($125) and Mr. P himself ($80)! Referral DSS. We all worked together. We love that concept.

We care about Charlotte and all the people in it.