Are you a Good Friend?



Good Friends is an amazing organization that begins with a simple concept and allows you to make a direct impact. As a Good Friend, you have the opportunity to meet people where they are and to lift them up. Through collaboration with other agencies, Good Friends can help solve problems, bring peace of mind and a renewed energy often when someone needs it most. Good Friends can show people there is hope and care in their very own community. Take a minute to learn about two recent families that have been impacted by Good Friends:

The Smiths are a low-income and hardworking family. They work to keep a roof over their heads, food on their plates, and to make sure their toddler son is happy, loved and safe. When he outgrew his crib, they saved for a toddler sized bed as well as extra clothing before the season changed. Not yet able to make ends meet, they requested financial assistance. In December, Good Friends sponsored that toddler bed and provided extra clothing for the family, totaling $200. Even hard-working families can use a hand up.

Ms. Beatty’s son was killed in January. He did not have burial insurance and Ms. Beatty was already behind in her rent. Emotionally overwhelmed and likely exhausted from these tragic events, Ms. Beatty did not know how she was going to cover the $3,000 cost to properly honor his memory. Fortunately, she was able split the cost with her daughter-in-law but their was still a balance due along with her other fixed expenses. With the help of Good Friends (contributing $550) and Crisis Assistance Ministries (contributing $650), the remaining balance was paid and she was able to get current on her rent.

These are a just a couple of the stories we can share to show what a direct impact Good Friends can make. Providing hope and care to those around us. Please join us this year so we can meet the needs of other hardworking neighbors who need a hand up. Your membership reserves your seat at our annual luncheon while your fundraising goes directly back to your community. Join today!